The Spawn of Hades himself, we are evil incarnate...


Oh wait...we're just a gaming supplier who wants to make it easier for the industry we love to grow and flourish into the fantastic beast we all know it can be! So why Cerberus?


It comes from our founding, where 3 people decided that, despite the rising popularity of games such as Dungeons & Dragons, the service given to the champions that push forward the industry (you lovely dice and accessories traders) was, to put it frankly, hell.

From this the name Cerberus was born, and after ensuring we were dealing with only the factories that make the goods and not the suppliers, we set to change this. We believe that by working as a cheap and high quality supplier, who also partners with our customers to develop new products in a professional western business manner the industry will continue to grow with you geniuses behind it!

Our policy is simple, to give you a great China manufacturing experience, with the service you would expect back home. If this is something you feel your business might benefit from contact us on our Trade Inquiry Page

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Cerberus Supplies
16 Zhongshandong Road
Liuzhou City
Guangxi Province, China