In addition to our extensive range of gaming dice and accessories we also work directly with traders to develop, produce and supply totally custom set of dice, along with brand new products.


When we first started our dream was to set up a workshop, fill it with artisans and provide everyone with exactly what they wanted. We've now made that into a reality. You want specific ink colours on your numbers, its done. Want a weird colour inlays on your metal dice, no problem, lets hop to it! Basically you tell us what you need doing and our team of dice artists will make that happen.


In addition to this we offer full services, both in designing and the making of new dice, accessories or anything else you can think up. By helping you become successful, we can all prosper in what has to be one of the most exciting industries out there. As you might have guessed here comes another bullet point summary of our services:

  • Custom inking of dice

  • Custom resin inlay colouring

  • New dice design mold manufacturing, both plastic and metal

  • As always free advice and quotes on all orders

  • Soon to arrive! Hand Made Dice! *super excited

As with everything here we take a personal and tailored approach to dealing with our customers, so if you have a question just get in touch

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Cerberus Supplies
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