Healthcare workers are on the front lines keeping us safe. Let's return the favor.

Right now there is a desperate need for PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) on the front lines, and we want to help provide it. With your help, we can get this equipment into the hands of those who need it most.



Participating retailers will have a custom “random bag” of dice available on their websites. The reusable, resealable bag will include a random matching 7-piece poly dice set from more than a hundred different styles.

 Each bag will also include a random collectible card representing the healthcare workers, first responders and other essential workers on the front lines who are all contributing to keep us safe. Each card includes a description of a special item/spell that can be used in D&D.

 The proceeds from every bag sold will be used to buy critical N95 masks for healthcare workers to be shipped out to where they are needed around the world.

Join the Cause

If you're a retailer that wants to get involved or just wants further details, click on the button below to get in touch or simply send an email to Dec@CerberusSupplies.com.

Beautiful handmade dice (CANADA) www.greenleafgeek.com
The tastiest dice you can’t eat! (CANADA) www.icecreamdice.com
Dry erase game pieces for MTG and RPGs (USA) www.infinitokens.com
Three headed gaming supplier (CHINA) www.cerberussupplies.com
Dice subscription and individual dice sets (USA) www.tabletoploot.com
Dice mean the world to them! (SWEDEN) www.lindormdice.com

Participating Retailers

Great Metal Dice! (UK) www.thedicedungeon.co.uk
Creating fantasy inspired pins and some really tasty dice. (UK)
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