Even though we were (and still are!) bubbling with ideas for Kickstarter, from the start we made the commitment to not act as competition for gaming companies, but instead work with them as supplier and assistant to benefit them as much as possible. 

As such we are perfectly placed to help anyone run a Kickstarter idea they have. Be it dice, accessories, pins, stickers or t-shirts (or even something that hasn't been made before) we are able to find someone to design, prototype and make it. From their we'll collect it, check it, pack it and ship it all on your behalf, taking away most of the difficult parts to allow you to really sell your idea to the masses!

Sometimes people can be put off the idea of running a Kickstarter, and yes, it can be a lot of work. But the rewards can far outweigh the risks so if you have an idea, or the beginnings of one please don't hesitate to give us an email or phone call, as we might be able to help you bring it to life.

It costs nothing to send an email and we are always free for a good chat with anyone who wants to ask us some questions about what the potentials might be. All product ideas and potential Kickstarters are kept fully confidential, and as we don't run our own, you really have nothing to loose apart from maybe 2 hours of your life going down the rabbit hole with Dec on Skype!

So give us a shout! We are waiting to make your idea a reality!

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