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A Magical Weekend at Cerberus Supplies: When Dice, Teddy Bears, and Little Wizards Collide! 🎲🧸✨

Hello, fellow adventurers!

This weekend, our enchanting abode at Cerberus Supplies played host to a most special group of visitors - budding young sorcerers eager to learn the mysteries behind crafting dice and other resin wonders.

Our journey commenced with a spellbinding lesson on the ancient art of dice-making. The kids' wide-eyed wonder was palpable as they discovered the secrets of blending art and science, all the while imbibing crucial wisdom about safety around magical potions (read: chemicals).

And then came the moment they had all been waiting for – crafting their very own mystical creatures! With molds at the ready, our little wizards set about pouring their 'magic potions'. However, a sprinkle of Cerberus mischief ensured that the 'potions' were, in reality, just water. As they waited for their teddies to form, you could cut the suspense with a rougue's blade!

But fear not, dear reader, for we were prepared. When the time came, we unveiled premade teddy bears, crafted to perfection by our very own elves earlier. The gasps of delight and shining eyes made all the mischief worth it!

And what's a visit to Cerberus without a keepsake? Each child left with not just their teddy, but also a set of our signature dice, as a memento of their magical day.

We were truly privileged to share our love for the craft with the next generation. Here’s to more days filled with magic, mischief, and memories!

Until the next enchanting adventure, The Cerberus Team 🎲🐉🧸✨

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