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Dice Unrolled: Exploring Acrylic, Resin, and Handmade Dice Production

Acrylic Dice:

These are machine injection molded, usually can have up to 3 colours and are the cheapest to make. The MOQ of these dice is usually 1000 sets per style, with prices around 8-14rmb, styles you can make with this are normally swirls, and use fine pigment that will go through the injection molding machine. Most factories have their own standard molds you can use without having to pay a mold fee, though if you want or need to change the font, shape or size of the size they will usually charge you a fee of around 15,000rmb

Resin Dice:

These are poured into 'ice tray' type molds, with open faces on the high or low number depending on the factory, they can have multiple colours and have large inclusions put into them. The MOQ of these dice is usually 500 per set depending on the factory with custom styles costing around 25rmb and up depending on the difficulty. The styles you can make are more open and varied than with Acrylic dice but are hand poured so take more time. Most factories will have their own standard molds you can use without having to pay a mold fee but if you want to change the size, font style or shape mold fees can cost anywhere between 5000-8000rmb

Examples of Acrylic and Resin can be found here:

Handmade Dice:

These are 100% handmade in house by us in individual sharp edged dice molds with clear silicone to allow us to see into the dice as we pour it. The designs and styles we can do here are the most varied and can add very large inclusions if required, these are usually 110-120rmb per set. The MOQ of these dice is 100 sets per inking colour, but this can be divided into 25 sets of 4 different styles (same inking colour) with us. We have our own mold that can be used without a mold fee but if any customisation is needed on the dice, as before, a mold fee is required of around 20,000-25,000 depending on the design.

Examples of Handmade sets can be found here:

Customising Dice

When it comes to customising dice you have 3-4 options depending on the type of dice chosen, wanting to change any of the following means you will need to put in a custom order with a factory or dice workshop like ours at the required MOQ

  1. The look of the resin - this includes the colour of the resin, how many colours, the pigments used and any inclusion put in the resin. This is what dice factories refer to as the design or style of the dice. Colours are usually given as pantone numbers

  2. The inking - this is the colour of the numbers or symbols on the dice. Colours are usually given as pantone numbers

  3. Etching - For resin and handmade, depending on the factory, you can choose what you want etched onto the high or low face of the dice - For us our mold all have the high face customisable for Resin and Handmade dice.

  4. The Mold - If you want to change more than just the etched face, the size of the dice, the font on the dice, the shape of the dice you will need to open a new mold with the factory, this can add significant time and cost to production, but are usually able to be used multiple times

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