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On the Hunt for Creative Companions for a Fantastical Journey!

Hello there, fellow wanderers of the imaginative wilds!

Ever dreamt of merging your love for tabletop RPGs with your artistry? Fancy joining a brief yet wondrous escapade with Cerberus Supplies? Then, by the quills and paints, we might be searching for you!

As our gaming treasure trove expands, we're on the lookout for 2-3 gifted artists to help us conjure some magic for an upcoming (top secret 🤫) project. And worry not, this isn't just a flash in the pan. While our collaboration is short-lived, the royalties, continue every time your creation finds a new home.

The Cerberus Perks 🍻:

Join forces with a team brimming with passion and a bit of cheeky fun.

Pour your unique touch into the tabletop realm, making players' hearts race with joy.

Reap the rewards long after our project sees the light of day, thanks to our royalty scheme.

The Cheeky Giveaway 🎁:

To add a sprinkle of excitement, we're giving away a one-of-a-kind artisanal prototype. All you lovely lot have to do is retweet our artist hunt, and you might just snag it!

For those with an itch to draw, sketch, or paint for this mesmerising endeavour, don’t dilly-dally! Pop into our DMs with a glimpse of your portfolio. Let’s craft stories and memories, one artwork at a time.

Till then, raise your mugs and brushes high and dream of all the adventures to come!


The Cerberus Crew 🍂🎨🖌️

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