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Welcome to the Magical World of Dice Crafting

Join us as we reveal the magical process behind our handcrafted dice. Unlike the cold, mechanical methods of others, our passionate artisans pour their hearts into every die, creating treasures worthy of epic adventures.


Step 1 - Mold Magic:

Our crafty wizards meticulously inspect and clean each dice mold with a blast of enchanted air. Then, they apply a homemade natural mold release potion, ensuring our handcrafted dice slip out of their molds with ease.

Step 2 - Pressure Pot Party:

Before the thrilling pour, our team readies the mold loading racks and pressure pots. This way, they can fully focus on the artistry of dice creation.

Step 3 - Potion Mixing:

Our team leader concocts a spellbinding plan to perfectly mix and time the pigments and inclusions. The team works in harmony to create dazzling dice designs with expert precision.

Step 4 - The Great Pour:

The potion mixing commences, and our team members synchronize their efforts to achieve the desired style. Timing is everything in this delicate dance of dice making.

Step 5 - Under Pressure:

Filled molds journey to the mystical pressure pots, where they're pressurized to eliminate bubbles. Depending on the season, they'll rest there for 2-7 days.

Step 6 - Unveiling the Treasure:

Dice emerge from their molds and are inspected for quality. Only the finest dice make it through this stage, fit for heroes and adventurers alike.

Step 7 - Taming the Sprue:

Our skilled sanding and polishing team refines each die, removing the sprue and creating a smooth finish through multiple stages of sanding.

Step 8 - Engraving Elegance:

A trusty laser engraver etches numbers or logos onto the dice, ensuring precision and consistency across the set.

Step 9 - Inking with Intention:

Our expert enamellers ink the engravings using a UV-reactive potion, which hardens under the magical glow of UV light.

Step 10 - The Final Touches:

The dice receive a final polish, erasing any blemishes from their journey. Once inspected, they're paired with their destined packaging and sent out to conquer the world!

So concludes the wondrous tale of our handcrafted dice. From mold to masterpiece, our dedicated team weaves enchantment and care into every step, ensuring that each die becomes a cherished companion for your legendary gaming quests. Now, let the adventures begin!

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