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Low Cost & High MOQ

These are injection molded high quantity per style but relatively cheap per set. Your options are limited to certain types of styles due to how the dice are made, with larger inclusions difficult to add in. A great option for those looking for large amounts of certain styles at a lower price.

Due to how they are made custom molds and fonts can be more expensive to buy in.

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Sharp Edged & Fully Handmade

Our in house workshop creates and produces all these beauties on site. With combined handmade dice making experience of nearly 10 years in our small team, we are skilled at producing these in both small and large quantities. All dice are perfectly sanded and polished and totally made by hand from start to finish in any design you can imagine!

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Large Design Options & Low MOQ

Also now fully created in house with our resin dice team we are able to offer an extremely versatile range of design options or those wanting something nicer than acrylic but at an affordable price and MOQ.

By going with resin you'll have the option to customise molds cheaply without compromising on design. We also offer the lowest MOQ for any resin dice producer in China.


Solid Metal Enamelled Dice

Metal dice make fantastic retail product options, and despite being more expensive than resin and acrylic dice they offer larger profit margins and much lower MOQs for stores.

All our metal dice come in tins as standard with the option of branding opening up free of charge on order of 100 sets or more.

We work with multiple metal dice factories for custom orders as well if you have an idea or are looking to produce something new!

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