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Your Dice, Your Game, Our Craft.

Leading with Ethics
The Cerberus china Way

At Cerberus Supplies, a TTRPG gaming wholesaler situated in China's vibrant heart, we prioritize both quality gaming products and our team's well-being. We've stepped away from traditional assembly lines, allowing our staff a hands-on approach and a balanced five-day, 7-hour work routine. Ethical sourcing, reducing waste, and giving back to our community—be it through English lessons for our staff's children or local recycling initiatives—underpin our philosophy. With Cerberus, you're choosing quality, care, and community commitment.


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Cerberus dice: where art meets storytelling. From resin to metal, we craft to impress. Handmade, resin, metal and acryllic, all waiting for your inspiration

Cards & More

Cards at Cerberus: vibrant, tactile, and meticulously crafted for every occasion. Accessories for your dice? We have them too!

Cerberus partners

Join, collaborate, and profit with Cerberus' open-source projects. Artists, DM's and more, contact us for opportunities

custom orders

From idea to delivery, Cerberus has your product journey covered. Stay creative; we handle the rest with from prototype to final shipment


OVER $6,128,000 MILLION!!

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